About the Author

I’m Caitlin Kelly, a career print journalist in New York , most recently a staff reporter for the New York Daily News.

I’ve been telling stories for a living since I was a sophomore at the University of Toronto, writing about everything from radiation to running shoes for national publications in my native Canada and, later in the U.S., like More, Glamour, Businessweek, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and USA Today. In 1998, I won a Canadian National Magazine Award for humor.

I spent a year in Paris on a journalism fellowship when I was 25, a year that changed how I see the world and its possibilities by opening my eyes to how differently we envision, and tell, stories through our cultural lenses.

My first book, “Blown Away: American Women and Guns” (Pocket Books, 2004) was called “groundbreaking and invaluable” by Booklist, for which I interviewed 104 men, women and teens from 29 states. Like “Malled”, it combines personal experience with original national reporting and historical background.

The stories that most intrigue me connect the dots and add context to issues that often seem terribly familiar to us --- but about which we may really know little in detail. In “Malled”, I explain why retail is so brutal to so many of its low-wage workers, those upon whose labor and skill the success of every brand depends.

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I hope you enjoy the book.

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Need a speaker? Please give me a call: 914-332-6065 or email me: [email protected]. I've addressed senior retail executives at three conferences, offering lively, passionate insights into how to hire, manage and motivate low-wage employees.